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Hiking : 06 Apr 2013
Map My Hike App

Hiking is a good hobby for both your mentally and physically. Hiking is fun and enjoyable. Perfect plan is necessary thing to consider right before you start hiking or even finding the right hiking trails. Plan makes everything perfect and that is why you need Map My Hike. We already talked about the website before in our recent article, but I am going to give you bit more info on its app. provides hiking resources to map trail, such as a GPS for hiking, a pedometer, hiking trails, hiking maps and a count of the hiking miles. The site has app to suit those functions and called as MapMyHIKE. It is available for any platform, including iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, and Android.

MapMyHIKE App is a great application for smartphones administering a hiking log. For hikers, it is a good idea to track progress of hiking on trails while stay motivated at the same time. This app provides interactive map of the trails, shows exact location of hike, clues the distance traveled  displays date and time of hike not to mention shows elevation map and profile of the trails and hike as well. Most of you wonder why you should take the app in first place. Well, most people use this app because they need it for better hiking while the reason I use this app was internal disputes. I always take partners to hike and at that time, I went with Michelle. She wanted to know how fast we were walking. We wondered if there was a good application to track the route we have taken or simply tell us how long we took on our hike. We found MapMyHIKE on the App store and use it ever since. (read this to: The Most Exciting spot of Hiking Near NYC)

On the App Store, there are two versions of MapMyHIKE existed: free and MapMyHIKE+ for $1.99. It is totally up to you to choose, but for better usage, I would love to recommend the paid version. Despite “+” version lacks of advertising that could be very annoying in “free” mode, paid app of MapMyHIKE offers another stunning feature, which is geo-tagging photo. The app developed by Map My Hike site has friendly user interface makes it easy to use even for beginners like me. It picks up a delicate signal of GPS, especially when it is not cracking up. We did 24 hikes and this iOS application failed to record 2 other hikes. I am saying that it is not a bad ratio at all.

The app is easy to operate supported by practical main screen contains of few buttons and options. On the main screen, you will see your profile, routes, workouts, friends, nutrition, setting and FAQ as well. There is an option in the main screen to publish your hike on its website lively so your friends and any other people could see where you are and use the same trails to tag along. We always tweet our hike, but the idea of broadcasting my exact position at time kind of bothers me, but the option is available there for you to use.

Through the main screen, there is “Record Workout” button to activate phone’s GPS and shows up the location on map. Push “Start” and the app will record your route while display recent stats of hike, including time, distance, speed, and average pace. In order to monitor your heart rate from the app, go to Map My Hike official website and purchase ANT+ Sensor. It is possible to listen to the music directly from your device as there is a button to access the iPod library, but I am not sure it is a good idea to listen to music while you are outdoor. Embrace yourself being open and free on wildlife by leaving iPod for gym only. As you are done with the hike, save the route on your phone or even put it on the website through your account. The website of Map My Hike has amazing features and products, but since it is a review of application, we might take more times to talk specifically on the website later.

In the end, MapMyHIKE+ is a decent choice of hike app because of its features that allow you know certain vital variables for the hiking, such as interactive elevation map, GPS, and the current stats (time, distance, speed, and average pace). It is reliable app with friendly user interface so everybody could use it easily. Despite the app is not a replacement of standalone GPS, it really is a useful and attractive to provide a precise description of your hike. Overall, I rate MapMyHIKE+ 4/5.(Read this to: Find the Best Hiking Trails near Me Easily Online)

Well, try a free version first to know what I am talking about here on this app and you might upgrade it to “+” version in case the advertising annoys you so much and getting geo-tagged photos feature is tempting. Also, you have to aware that MapMyFitness, Inc have enormous different apps, but for me they have the same functions. You should stick with one app rather than try everything all at once and find yourself have bulks of app do the same thing.

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